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Our Mission - to stoke the fires of positive change in the World
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The Happiness Coach
My name is Brian, and why I feel qualified to do what I do for people is at the age of twelve I had an awakening experience about the nature of reality and my place in it.  I found no one to discuss this expereince with at that age, and because I wanted to fit in as an adolescent, I put it away. Later, upon entering the "rat-race"  my attention was on integrating the truth I'd experienced. As it would turn out, there hasn't been much place for "soul" in the work place. Now, twenty-eight years later, the truth is out, Eckart Tolle is on Oprah sharing with the world his experience, which is in essence my experience, because it is our human experience.

We are all experiencing life the same in some respect, because we are souls having the human experience.The word "psychology" has its root in "psyche" which means soul. Maybe relating to life as a soul could have beneficial effects on emotion and health?

  • How would it change your relationship with yourself? (goodbye, self-limiting beliefs!)
  • How might you be able to relate to others?
  • How great could your daily adventure of Life become?

My own hunger to understand happiness has led me to study many of the world's wisdom traditions and religions in hopes of gaining a broader perspective on humanity's view of the world and how to be in it with more peace and happiness. Based on results my work has paid off, my friends all tell me I'm always smiling!

In 2002, I graduated from the internationally recognized University of Santa Monica Master's in Spiritual Psychology Program.

More than any of this, an open non-judgmental heart which desires to be of service to my fellow travelers is my strongest qualification. Take a quantum leap, call me.
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